Letters of gratitude from an Australian Radio DJ

Over Jean’s career she has appeared on many Radio programs and TV shows around the World and quite often she receives letters from the DJ’s after her interviews. This is a copy of one such letters of gratitude from an Australian Radio DJ after interviewing Jean on his program. Jean has always enjoyed being interviewed and she says it is an extra way to be with the fans plus a way of meeting and thanking all those presenters that give their time to promote Country Music.

Endorsement deal with Jade Australia

Over the years Jean Stafford has played different brands of Acoustic and Electric Guitars on stage and now is proud to announce an endorsement deal with Jade Australia (a musical instrument Wholesale Company out of Victoria Australia) Jade Australia distributes the Martinez range of guitars which they design and manufactured They sent Jean the top of their range of which Jean immediately fell in love with and to Quote Jean:- The workmanship, finish and the sound is just unbelievable it’s just a beautiful guitar to play. The Jean Stafford Signature model Guitar is due in Australian Music shops mid year.

Queen of Country Music