That Says It All

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Dino Music

  1. Love is just a two step away
  2. Sunshine rain
  3. That says it all
  4. First, best and always
  5. Seeing you with her
  6. Can’t you just stay gone
  7. The torch
  8. Could it be you
  9. Blue mountain melody
  10. Accidentally on purpose
  11. Woman’s Work
  12. Wishing won’t do
  13. Be there
  14. Cowboy days
1 Love Is Just A Two Step Away 8 Could It Be You
2 Sunshine Rain 9 Blue Mountain Melody
3 That Says It All 10 Accidentally On Purpose
4 First, Best And Always 11 Woman’s Work
5 Seeing You With Her 12 Wishing Won’t Do It
6 Can’t You Just Stay Gone 13 Be There
7 The Torch 14 Cowboy Days

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