Shaman-Jean spent her earlier years in the hills of Meander, Northern Tasmania

Jean is a DYNAMIC and EXPERIENCED Entertainer; the Most Awarded Female Country Music Entertainer in Australia – she has acclaimed audiences in television and live performances world wide.

To quote America’s Queen of Country Music Miss KITTY WELLS – “Jean is equal to any artist at the Grand Ole Opry in the USA” – the home of Country Music.

From the rural district of Meander in Northern Tasmania to Nashville Tennessee – the Country Music Capital of the World
Jean Stafford triumphed on a remarkable journey
The road was long and hard for the silver voiced girl who made her first public appearance on Tasmanian TV at the age of 12

Starting to learn her craft as a budding country singer, performing at the local hotels, country halls and dances

Born in Tasmania to a Tasmanian Mother and a Navajo (Native American) Father (who she never knew existed until much later in her life).
She spent her earlier years in the hills of Meander, Northern Tasmania,

After leaving school she worked as a kitchen hand at the local hotel,

and started to learn her craft as a budding country singer performing

at the local hotels, country halls and dances,

and eventually, the childhood dream came true.

Lonesome 77302, age 11 years.

Entering country music at a very early age, rising to the top winning 3 Australasian Golden Guitars for Female Vocalist

for Female Vocalist.
Jean Stafford is one of the brightest stars ever to appear over the Australian country music horizon.
Jean has been blessed with one of the most powerful and accurate country voices in Australia.
The strength and tonal quality of her delivery are quite unique and it is exhilarating to experience her live performances as well as on disc.
Jean’s career has come along steadily since she took out first prize in a “country music talent quest” from radio 7LA Launceston. She enjoyed TV exposure from the age of 12 when she quested in the earliest days of television in Northern Tasmania in the popular “Show-Time” series from TNT-9.
Her recording career began with the release on Hadley Records of a duet with Dusty Rankin. She followed this with a further track on Dusty’s second release “Family Bible.”
More exposure came with two solo tracks on “Country Music Around Australia Vol. 1.”
Her first solo album “Flowers for Mama” was to gain Jean nation-wide recognition, for it was with this record and the song “What Kind of A Girl Do You Think I Am” that she took out “top female singer” at the Australasian Country Music Awards in Tamworth.
A television special featuring this album followed shortly afterwards for TNT-9.
Jean secured her third gold guitar at Tamworth with her gospel recording of “That Glory Bound Train,” and shortly after this signed a contract with EMI Music Sydney.
To this date the most successful song Jean has written is
Written in 1982 it was the title track of her second EMI album and has become as
Tom T. Hall refers to it, her signature song.
It has been also released on many of Jean’s compilations
and been recorded by other artists including: –
Renee Gayer,
An Instrumental version by Wayne Appleby
Was part of the sound track for the Australian and European TV series
” Seven Deadly Sins”
which has been shown in Australia and Europe.

Words & Music by Jean Stafford © 1981 EMI Music

Someday i’ll take home the roses
That you gave to me
And some day i’ll hold you
For all the world to see
And when i take home the roses
I’m taking you home with me
Cause i want to always
Be with you eternally

A life time is not
Enough time with you
There’s not enough hours in a day
To love you like I want to
I’ll spend the rest of my life dear
Being right by your side
You bring the best out of me
And i’ll love you for all time

Some day i’ll take home the roses
That you gave to me
And some day i’ll hold you
For all the world to see
I’ll spend the rest of my life dear
Being right by your side
You bring the best out of me
And i’ll love you for all time

Four tours to New Zealand, twice to the North Island that included appearances at the New Zealand Golden Guitar Awards at Hastings, and a successful 30-day tour of the South Island.
Jean headlined the Auckland Gold Guitar Awards where she was presented with an award for Services to the Industry of Country Music


Jean Stafford was officially Crowned


by the industry and fans, in Sydney by the

late Mr. Clive A’Rundle,

and Country Music Legend,


(an honour she will carry for life).



Headlined Auckland Gold Guitar Awards 1988, presented with a

New Zealand Gold Guitar Award “service to the industry”

CLASSIC JEAN STAFFORD” No.1 album, Achieved Double Platinum

ARTIST OF THE YEAR” by the fans of Australia 1991

mo award
Jean Stafford,

with the MO Award
“Female Country Performer
of the year”
With Host, Ray Martin
on National TV


Real Country Girl, And She still loves fast Cars & BikesReal Country Girl, And She still loves fast Cars & Bikes

Shaman-Jean with the Rally Car she drove in the 1995 Variety Club Tasmanian Bash. Finished 4th Outright

Jean with the Rally Car she drove in the 1995 Variety Club Tasmanian Bash.
Finished 4th Outright.

Jean has her hands immortalized in the “HANDS of FAME” in 3 States of Australia.

Jean was immortalized in the AUSTRALIAN WAXWORKS of STARS in Tamworth NSW 1986

Shaman-Jean Stafford Appointed "Honorary Commissioner for Tourism, Sport & Recreation"
Singing Ambassador off to the USA to promote TasmaniaJean Stafford Appointed “Honorary Commissioner for Tourism, Sport & Recreation”

As Ambassador from the Tasmanian Government to the USA

These are the words of the song “Tassie’s got it all” that Jean wrote for the Tasmanian Government to use as a promotional package to present Tasmania as a World Tourist Attraction.

The song was recorded in Nashville USA And the video was filmed around Tasmania.

The package received air play and promotional interviews by Jean in 28 states of America, all over Australia and reached a listening audience of 500,000,000 people on World Short Wave Radio out of Costa Rica.

The song was also used on a Travel special made about Tasmania by a Russian film company and shown on BBC2 out of the UK as well as across Europe



Words & Music by Jean Stafford © 1993


Tassie means the world to me

That’s where I was born

Our great state the treasure isle

To me it’s home sweet home.


How I love to walk along

The beaches of silver sands

And stroll through timbers tall and strong

Untouched by human hands


There’s Cradle Mountain (what a sight)

For all our eyes to see

A gift from heaven up above

All for you and me


From Port Arthur in the south

It’s convict ruins there

To the rugged West Coast through Queenstown

And the waters of Lake St. Clair

A true South Sea Island paradise

For all the world to share

And friendly people will make your stay

A dream beyond compare.


Daniel O'Donnell & Shaman-Jean on stage at Twin Towns on the Gold Coast of Australia Daniel O’Donnell & Jean on stage at Twin Towns on the Gold Coast of Australia

Jean and Daniel have a mutual admiration for each other’s talent with Daniel presenting Jean with his first Platinum album as a gesture of friendship.

They communicate regularly. On his last Australian Tour, Jean was invited by Daniel to visit with him and to attend his concert at Twin Towns on the Gold Coast.

He invited her to the stage to sing a duet with him – a song Daniel had just recorded, which was a hit for Jean – “Beyond the Great Divide”
and one of his favourite Jean Stafford tracks.

Jean is in the luxurious position of having worked with the cream of the Nashville musicians and able to call many of them personal friends.
Jimmie Crawford & Shaman-Jean together on stage Jimmie Crawford Jean together on stage.


Jimmie hit Nashville in 1957, and for almost 50 years was a major player in the pedal steel ranks, but his skills were multi-faceted, as the description on his induction in 2000 into the Steel Guitar Hall Of Fame testifies – “recording artist, touring sideman, producer, instructor, and inventor of ‘mu-sym-tab’.

He created the ‘Crawford Cluster’ knee lever concept, and with JOHN HUGHEY produced JCH pedal steel guitars from 1981 his talent was quickly recognized by others, as he got work with COWBOY COPAS, GEORGE JONES, HANK SNOW, FARON YOUNG, FERLIN HUSKY and the JOHNNY WRIGHT/KITTY WELLS show.

He was also recording heavily, being used by

DOLLY PARTON, SLIM WHITMAN, CHET ATKINS, and so many other recording greats

Jimmie also had strong Australian connections.

He toured with SLIM WHITMAN in 1998 and 1989 where he formed a strong friendship with JEAN STAFFORD. He subsequently produced four tracks for Jean’s gold-selling That Says It All album in the early 90s and the song Tassie’s got it all in the mid 90s

Jimmie also toured with the Queens of Country Kitty Wells & Jean Stafford in Queensland Australia in 1998 and last year co-produced (with Jean) her brand new album Let The Dance Begin.

JIMMIE CRAWFORD died in Nashville on 2 February. He was 69.

Tribute by Jean Stafford
Jimmy, good bye my friend and thank you for the memories that will live on in our hearts and on disk.
We will miss you so very much you were a great friend you surrounded every one you touched with love
Thank you for believing in me, for giving me your untiring Support, and for
teaching me to believe in myself, in miracles, and God.
May you rest in piece; you have taken a little piece of us all with you on
your journey to Gods holy Land.
We love you Mate

Eternal love

Jean Stafford



PROLIFIC is the word to describe veteran guitarist Harold Ray Bradley. In December 1990, Bradley was elected President of the 3,500 member Nashville Association of Musicians Local 257 of the American Federation of Musicians. A Life Member, Bradley has been active in the Nashville Local for many years.

Harold Bradley was the first president of NARAS’ Nashville chapter and continues as a member of the Grammy organization’s Board of Governors. In December 1991, Harold Bradley marks his 45th year as a studio musician. He was part of the original “A Team” of Nashville superpickers, one of those John Sebastian immortalized in his song “Nashville Cats.” Harold Bradley can be heard on some of Elvis Presley’s records and movie soundtracks as well as those of such entertainers as Perry Como, Joan Baez, Buddy Holly, Ivory Joe Hunter, Pee Wee King, George Morgan, Hank Williams, Burl Ives, Henry Mancini, Connie Francis, George Beverly Shea, Hank Snow, Jim Reeves, Charley Pride, Leon Russell, The Everly Brothers, Gene Watson, Marty Robbins, Freddie Hart, Conway Twitty, Jean Stafford and Roy Clark.

Harold played guitars and was session leader on Jean’s first American session that Netted a No. 1 hit (A Woman’s work is never Done) and with the other tracks from that session, going on to become Platinum for her.

Jean and Hal have remained friends since that first session and visit when ever
Jean is in town.

Reference from Harold Bradley

(For Jean Stafford)

June 6, 2001

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to introduce you to an Australian Country Artist named Jean Stafford.

Jean Stafford is the Queen of Country Music in Australia, and has been for years.

She has won numerous awards.

I personally became acquainted with Jean when she came to Nashville, Tennessee to record a country music album (of which I played and was session leader).

I found her to be an extremely talented, personable and attractive lady.

I look forward to Jean Stafford performing and writing songs in the United States in the future.

She represents her country well and will be an asset to our music community.

In addition, I’m extremely proud that she has chosen to hire union musicians, singers, engineers and recording studios in Nashville, Tennessee for her recordings.

Just some of the musicians from Nashville that have recorded with Jean Stafford (previous and current)

Sonny Garrish

Sonny is one of the most respected and recorded Pedal Steel Guitarists in the world.

Sonny has played on every track Jean has cut in Nashville except “Tassie’s Got It All” Sonny often mentions to Jean how he would deem it an honor to come to Australia, some day and just do one tour with her band (Who knows?)

Paul Franklin Jn

Paul has recorded with the top Country and Pop Stars from all over the world.

Session leader, Pedal Steel and Pedal Dobro Guitarist on the Track written and recorded by Jean in Nashville “Tassie got it all” plus the instrumental version of “Tassie’s Got It All”.

This track is a must to hear for any musicians, (professional and students alike) .

Brent Mason

Brent’s amazing guitar playing can be heard on most of the top Country Star’s CDs from all over the world today.

Brent played electric guitar on the track written and recorded by Jean in Nashville “Tassie’s Got It all” plus the instrumental version of the same song and literally burned up the track with some of greatest solos and licks you’d ever want to hear…….Country guitar picking at its best.

Just check this guy out, he’s unbelievable at

Lloyd Green

Being personal friends with Lloyd and his wife since the early nineties and with Lloyd not recording due to illness for 12 years Jean was lucky to have him record on the new CD “Let the dance begin” – (love you buddy, thank you so much)

The name Lloyd Green is seen on so many major country CDs like Charley Pride, Don Williams (the list goes on) and for more details

John Hughey

John was the steel sound on all of Conway Twittie’s hits and toured with him for over 25 years, plus he is the steel sound behind many of Vince Gill’s hits and many more major artists (for more information on the great John Hughey check his website at

For 12 years Jean and John have tried to work together on record but this time their schedules fitted and it is John Hughey that Jean has immortalized in the new track “Steelin’ the 2 step” ”Is it over” and “Gods creation” with John playing steel guitar on these tracks (thank you my good friend)

Hagus (pig) Robbins

There is always a buzz with the musicians when they learn that “the Pig” is on piano …… he has recorded on more hits in Nashville than any other musician over the years

Since the early nineties Jean has recorded with this man and no CD of mine would feel complete without him on piano (thank you my friend).

Gene Chrisman (drums) Rick Boyer (Bass)

Gene is the drumming legion from Memphis and has recorded with (from Elvis to just everyone) Gene along with Bass player Rick Boyer set the real heart to the new CD

Let the dance begin” and made my job as vocalist so easy and such a pleasure to record (thanks guys and hope to see you on the next one)

Stuart Duncan

Stuart set the track alight on my earlier “Tassie’s Got It All” with his great blue grass fiddlin’

On the new CD “Let the Dance Begin” he played some of the best country fiddle you’d ever want to hear from ballad to western swing and as he called it on the track “I’m Goin’ crazy” (his satanic fiddlin’)

To view photo’s of Jean and Musicians in Studio see the 12 page booklet inside the new CD “Let the Dance Begin


Millions of people listen to CURTIS YOUNG every day…His voice is heard on
the top selling albums across the world…His resume reads like a ‘who’s
who’ of Country Music. With more than 25 Gold and 35 Platinum albums to his
credit, CURTIS “Mr. Harmony” YOUNG has made a definite mark as a harmony
singer and a solo performer
Curtis and his team of harmony singers have sang on every track that Jean
has recorded in Nashville 

Shaman-Jean Stafford, just about to Leave Nashville on Tour

Jean Stafford,

just about to Leave Nashville on Tour with 800 mile to go.Jean and some of the band loading the PROVO Coach to travel to the Finlay stadium in OHIO for a show as part of a tour.


1998 Jean filled a lifetime dream and recorded a single with her idol & long time friend,

Miss Kitty Wells USA, and appeared on two shows in Queensland

Shaman-Jean and Miss Kitty at her Musium in Nashville

Jean and Miss Kitty at her museum in Nashville Tn. USA

Plus a copy of a letter Kitty wrote about Jean

The Queens of Australian and American country music
Together –
The Queens of Australian and American country music. 


Kitty Wells

“It’s a shame, that all the blame is on us women,” sang Kitty Wells in 1952, refuting the claims made in Hank Thompson’s “Wild Side of Life”. So began the line of strong independent female country singers that runs all the way to today.

Kitty Wells visited Australia for the first time in April 1998 and joined with Australia’s Queen of Country Jean Stafford for 2 very special Concerts under the banner of “The Queens of Country Music”, I heard the ladies in the audience at Comet, Queensland singing along with every word of every song to most all the songs.

A testament to the power of those lyrics. “Making Believe”, “Some day I’ll take home the Roses”, “Searching”, That say’s it all”, Wayward Wind” and the aforementioned “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels” all echoed around the Queensland bush as the “Queens of Country Music” took the stage. At the grand age of 79, Kitty made the show a family affair. Her husband of 60 years and also a star of the Grand Ole Opry, Johnny Wright sang several of his hits, including “Poison Love” and “Stop the World”. Their son, Bobby Wright (Willie, from TV’s “McHale’s Navy”) had the crowd laughing with his “down home” humour, and amongst his repertoire gave us his hit “Here I Go Again”. At the end of the show, Kitty was joined by Jean Stafford, to perform the duet version of “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels” which has just been recorded in Nashville USA and released in Australia by Massive Records. A duet recording with Kitty Wells on It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels is the realisation of a childhood dream when, at the age of nine, Jean was inspired to sing and play guitar along with ‘The Queen Of Country Music’, on a little battery record player.

Shaman-Jean & Kitty at rehearsal

Jean & Kitty at rehearsal studio in Rockhampton Queensland Australia 1998

Kitty’s husband Johnny Wright sitting on chair & Allan Tompkins on bass

Who would have ever thought, (including that little girl from back in the hills of Meander in Tasmania)

that in 1989, she would be bestowed with the equivalent title, and be crowned the “Queen of Country Music of Australia” just like her life long Idol Miss Kitty Wells

And the highlight to this story is that Miss Kitty Wells recognized Jean’s title by recording with her and then co-starring together in live concerts under the banner of the ” Queens of Country”

Jean has also become a personal friend of Miss Kitty’s family. Husband Johnny Wright and son Bobby Wright appeared with them on the “Queens of Country” Tour.

Queens of Country Tour

(Back row, L to R)
Wayne Appleby, Bob Howe, Terry Phillpot, Laney & Russ Hicks
(Front Row, L to R)
Jimmie Crawford, (Ed Canaday, obscured), Jean Stafford, Kitty Wells,

Allan Tomkins, Johnny Wright, Bobby Wright

Writer/Publishing Deal for Jean 1997

Jean signed a World Publishing Deal with USA Giant company “PEER / SOUTHERN MUSIC” (Australian Division)

Would you like to write to Jean by E-mail,then please click below.


Queen of Country Music