Finest Collection CD

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Dino Music

  1. Someday I’ll take home the roses
  2. Beyond the great divide
  3. That says it all
  4. Flowers for mama
  5. Be there
  6. Wayward wind
  7. Stand by your man
  8. Hello love
  9. Fire at shepherds flat
  10. Everybody’s somebody’s fool
  11. Rocking alone in an old rocking chair
  12. Promised to John (Duet with Dusty Rankin)
  13. I’ll paint you a song (Duet with Smoky Dawson)
  14. First, best & always
  15. Let’s hear it for the Working Man
  16. Sunshine rain
  17. Could it be you
  18. Sweet red wine


Dino Music

  1. Wayward wind
  2. That says it all
  3. Could it be you
  4. Be there
  5. Blue eyes crying in the rain
  6. First, best & always

Queen of Country Music