Story from Frederick Cunningham

Gday Jean, thanks for accepting my friend request, just wanted to share a short story with you. Its 1983, and my King Island primary school class attended a whole school assembley in the High School section of the school where we were treated to a performance by you. It went down really well, so well in fact that the kids started lining up for autographs. I didnt really know what was going on but I took position at the end of the line. When I got to the front you looked at me and asked me “Do you have a piece of paper for me to sign?”. Of course I didnt and I asked you if you would wait till I got back with one. You said that you would and I took off as fast as my little legs would carry me all the way over to the Primary School section. I returned with my paper in hand to discover your band had finished packing up… and there you were waiting for me. You signed my piece of paper with your flash gold pen and to this day it holds pride of place in my photo album. Whenever anyone talks about celebrities that dont have time for their fans or wont sign autographs this is the story I tell. So now I would like to say thank you again, you made a pretty big impression on me as a 9 year old lad and I was always impressed that this beautiful, talented wonderful lady waited for ME. I wish some performers today had a fraction of your professionalism, thank you again, yours sincerely, Fred Cunningham, King Island.