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Let The Dance Begin

1 I’m Goin’ Crazy 6 She’s Not A Fallen Angel
2 Don’t Bet Your Boots 7 Let The Dance Begin
3 It’s All Over 8 All My Friends Are Gonna Be Strangers
4 God’s Creations 9 What Ever Happened
5 Steelin’ The 2 Step 10 It’s Like Livin’ With A Stranger


That Says It All

1 Love Is Just A Two Step Away 8 Could It Be You
2 Sunshine Rain 9 Blue Mountain Melody
3 That Says It All 10 Accidentally On Purpose
4 First, Best And Always 11 Woman’s Work
5 Seeing You With Her 12 Wishing Won’t Do It
6 Can’t You Just Stay Gone 13 Be There
7 The Torch 14 Cowboy Days


Tassie’s Got It All

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Welcome To My World

1 Welcome to my world 7 You waltzed right into my heart
2 Above and beyond 8 I’ll fly away
3 Somewhere tonight 9 Mockingbird Hill
4 Sea of heartbreak 10 You are my sunshine
5 I love you because 11 Walking after midnight
6 You got me singing the blues 12 Have you ever been lonely 

Queen of Country Music